Evelyn Chen has been teaching for the past 18 years both in Singapore & Australia where she has taught in top language institutions and corporate environments. The School's clients include staff from IBM, Le Meridien Hotel, GE Plastics, Lonely Planet, Rays Outdoors, Applied Biosystems ( Asia Pacific ) and Cathay Pacific.


Ms Carolyn H Sparke (appointed S.C.), Victorian Bar, Melbourne, Australia

"Evelyn teaches Chinese in a way which makes it enjoyable as well as challenging. Her classes are a delightful mix of necessary foundation learning and challenging roleplay. She is patient and interacts well with students. Her own English is excellent - enough to appreciate the humour we share in class – it is a testament to her own language skills to be able to appreciate jokes in two languages. Her understanding and explanation of grammar show her skills in both Chinese and English"


Mrs Linda Bardo Nicholls, Chairman, Australia Post

"... The course was fun and lively. We came to appreciate the cultural differences and as a result saw and learned more on our trip. We were taught how to avoid awkward situations and how to ‘save face’ when we had made an inadvertent mistake. Whether the topic is eating or drinking or gifts or compliments or using the toilet, Evelyn is candid and practical. The lessons on eating and drinking with business associates were especially helpful and ensured we enjoyed Chinese hospitality while keeping alert for business negotiations...I have commended this course to many friends and colleagues both for first visits and for those who have visited and wished they had been better prepared. Evelyn is experienced, up to date and knows both Chinese and Australian business and social customs. Don’t visit China without her!..."


Tim Lyons, Assistant Secretary, Australian Council of Trade Unions

"My wife and I have been students with Red Crane for a number of years. For most of that time the Principal, Evelyn Chen, has been our teacher. I have no hesitation in describing Evelyn as a truly gifted teacher. Her enthusiasm and curiosity are infectious, and her wonderful sense of humour makes the classes a great experience. In particular, Evelyn understands the challenges of running voluntary education for adults (most of whom are juggling Mandarin studies around full-time work). She goes out of her way to encourage you to master a challenging subject and to instill the confidence you need to start talking in a new language. The number of students who continue with Red Crane for years is probably the best testimonial.

We have also been taught, for both dialogue and character classes, by other teachers at the school. All of these teachers have been excellent. Evelyn selects her staff carefully - they are well trained, engaging and intelligent.

I cannot recommend the school highly enough, either for prospective travellers to China, or for those who seeking to acquire a knowledge of Mandarin for business purposes.


Dr Greg Gardiner, Senior Parliamentary Officer, Parliamentary Library, Parliament House

"Having studied a variety of languages, both at University and privately, it has to be said that Red Crane offers one of the most innovative language learning experiences I've had the pleasure to take part in. Evelyn Chen is a gifted teacher, and the course she has devised has meant that in a matter of weeks I was speaking simple Chinese expressions and phrases. Unlike some other courses, Evelyn's program teaches all aspects of the language, spoken and written. Best of all, these classes are fun to be in, which is surely one of the keys to learning, and the role of memory in learning another language as an adult. I can't recommend this course highly enough."


Lynn Johnson, Victorian Industry Participation Policy Consultant

"I am lucky to have found the Red Crane School of Chinese and to have Evelyn's teaching skills assist me in learning Mandarin. I have tried Chinese schools; in Melbourne, Interstate, Overseas, and find that Red Crane is the most conducive to my learning experience. Red Crane's syllabus is well thought out with reading, writing and speaking addressed in the right proportions and lessons conducted within a relaxed environment for learning. In addition, Evelyn has the ability to provide encouragement continually and retain my enthusiasm in a language that is sometime trying.

I would recommend potential student’s shortcut the long process I endured of finding the best Chinese course and enrol with Red Crane without delay."


Claire Robertson, Sourcing Development Manager, Pacific Brands

"I've been learning Mandarin from Evelyn for the past two years and can't recommend her highly enough. I was in a difficult position when I met her, of having a reasonable level of proficiency in spoken Mandarin, but no understanding of reading or writing. This meant that as a teacher she had to find a way of teaching me very basic written Chinese while at the same time challenging me to maintain my level of conversational Chinese. I've really enjoyed the classes and look forward to continuing them for some time to come."
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Established for 13 years, Red Crane has extensive experience in providing Chinese language and business culture classes to students. Feedback from our students provide testament to our dedication in teaching Mandarin and encouraging inter-cultural exchange. Read our ‘testimonials’ page to find out more.


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