Learn Chinese Mandarin Language in Melbourne & Sydney With Redcrane

At REDCRANE, We Specialize in Chinese Mandarin Language Learning, held in Melbourne & Sydney! Our lessons are created specifically for students of Western background or students who are learning it as a second language, so you don't get boring 'dry' textbooks that most native Chinese students are taught with. Our textbooks deal with 'real life' Chinese scenarios, so you are up to date with words used by the Chinese. We have plenty of fun singing Chinese songs and playing Games to help with your retention.

Our teaching methods employ both left brain and right brain learning techniques to Accelerate and Optimize your learning. As the Mandarin language involves words as well as intonations, research has shown that Mandarin speakers employ both sides of the brain, unlike English speakers who use one side of their brain. These findings were recently presented at a science exhibition in London at the Royal Society, Britain's academy of leading scientists.

We also keep our class sizes small! Unlike some other schools which have class sizes of up to 25 students, we only take a maximum of 10 students in a class, so you can be sure of more one on one time.
We have a curriculum which ranges from absolute Beginners to Advanced. We also teach Business Chinese and cater to students who want a short course prior to leaving for China.

And Best of All, our fees are extremely reasonable at about $15 per hour in Melbourne , complete with a comprehensive course book and access to our audio podcast lessons!

About Redcrane

Established for 13 years, Red Crane has extensive experience in providing Chinese language and business culture classes to students. Feedback from our students provide testament to our dedication in teaching Mandarin and encouraging inter-cultural exchange. Read our ‘testimonials’ page to find out more.


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